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Version 1.0 of this board is an adaptation of Raphaël Assénat's programmable Megadrive/Genesis cart (see links section). The main differences are the removal of the hi/lo selector circuit and a change to PLCC chips, mainly because its difficult to find DIP chips these days.

The idea is that I will further advance the circuit with a programmer-adapter for my EPROM programmer to start with and maybe add some storage and/or input devices.

As with all free projects on the web, I take no responsibility for the consequences of following the designs here. Making your own device etc, even reading this page is done at your own risk :P

Version History

2007-06-301.0First version of  MegaCart



U101, U102
M29F040B - 512Kb x 8 Flash EPROM
C1, C2
0.1uF capacitor (place across VDD and VSS on the memory chips) . These don't show up on the design file, but you will need them.


Megacart design

Download PCB/Gerber/PS/PDF files


This is my first try at making the board. I had some issues with etching (must buy a bubble-etch tank) so some lines needed to be redone with wire. Not a professional job by any stretch of the imagination, but it works and I am learning (which is the point in the first place) :)


Raphaël Assénat's Programmable Cart
M29F040B - 512Kb x 8 Flash EPROM Datasheet