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2009-08-19Updated mdxfer & mdxserve to version 1.1: added smd file support and the ability to write safely to block 0. [quick link]
2009-08-01Release of mdxfer & mdxserve tools to transfer ROMs to the Megadrive with the DevCable. [quick link]
2009-07-31Added DevCable page describing the developers transfer cable. [quick link]
2009-07-15Release of Combine ROMs tool for use with writeflash. [source quick link]
2009-07-15Release of Write Flash proof-of-concept code for writing to the flash cart (the same one you are running from) on the Megadrive. [source quick link]
2009-07-10After a long period of inactivity, I have been working on some SMD stuff, expect releases soon.
2008-03-30Uploaded Bladelibs for those who are haing trouble finding it [exe quick link] [source quick link]
2008-01-07Candu's compile tool released [quick link]
2008-01-07vag2wav tool released [quick link]
2007-09-22Added Megacart (Megadrive programmable cart) info (even though the work is already a few months old) [quick link]
2007-09-16DGen savestate tool released [quick link]
2007-09-16PGen savestate tool released [quick link]
2007-09-16 Rebranded as Candus Console Dev site. Added Sega Megadrive/Genesis page. Megadrive software and hardware projects will be placed there soon.
2007-06-19c0d3 br3ak3r released including source and walkthrough [exe quick link] [source quick link] [walkthrough quick link]
2007-03-28Clyde Demo released [exe quick link] [source quick link]
2007-03-27BladeLib App Launcher released as a temporary fix to the problem with chipped PSXs [quick link]
2007-03-27 Added Tools section
2007-02-22Blitz game re-released with source included [quick link]
2007-02-03Halogen demo re-released with source included [quick link]
2007-02-01 Site is getting a bit of a revamp for the upcoming source releases
2004-11-30Snow Wars game released [quick link]
2004-10-20Race game released [quick link]
2004-07-05Summer Ate My Demo demo released [quick link]
2004-05-10c0d3 br3ak3r game released [quick link]
2004-03-27Stress Transmission demo released [quick link]
2004-02-26Solar Strike trailer released [quick link]
2004-01-12Halogen demo released [quick link]
2004-01-01Blitz game released [quick link]

mdxfer & mdxserve
PC and Megadrive software for use with the dev cable. Allows you to transfer ROMs to your Megadrive.
Now accepts smd files and can overwrite the area of the flash chip it resides in.
Download Latest Source & ROM (v1.1)
Download Old Source & ROM (v1.0)
Combine ROMs
A tool that places ROMs inside another at specific locations. Useful for making ROMs for the writeflash menu.
Download Source
PGen Savestate
A tool that extracts and inserts save states into the format used by the Genesis/Megadrive emulator PGen used on the PS2.
Download Source
DGen Savestate
A tool that extracts and inserts save states into DGen format used by the Genesis/Megadrive emulator DGen used on the PSP.
Download Source

Write Flash
Proof-of-concept code that copies programs from various parts of the ROM to bank 1 of the candu programmable cart.
Can be used as a launcher for multiple games/demos.
Download Source

Cable that allows you to transfer ROMs to your candu cart without needing to remove the chips etc. Perfect for testing your programs on real hardware.
More info
A programmable cartridge for the Megadrive/Genesis. Write your own code for the Megadrive or play some of the many ROMs from the internet.
More info

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