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2009-08-19Updated mdxfer & mdxserve to version 1.1: added smd file support and the ability to write safely to block 0. [quick link]
2009-08-01Release of mdxfer & mdxserve tools to transfer ROMs to the Megadrive with the DevCable. [quick link]
2009-07-31Added DevCable page describing the developers transfer cable. [quick link]
2009-07-15Release of Combine ROMs tool for use with writeflash. [source quick link]
2009-07-15Release of Write Flash proof-of-concept code for writing to the flash cart (the same one you are running from) on the Megadrive. [source quick link]
2009-07-10After a long period of inactivity, I have been working on some SMD stuff, expect releases soon.
2008-03-30Uploaded Bladelibs for those who are haing trouble finding it [exe quick link] [source quick link]
2008-01-07Candu's compile tool released [quick link]
2008-01-07vag2wav tool released [quick link]
2007-09-22Added Megacart (Megadrive programmable cart) info (even though the work is already a few months old) [quick link]
2007-09-16DGen savestate tool released [quick link]
2007-09-16PGen savestate tool released [quick link]
2007-09-16 Rebranded as Candus Console Dev site. Added Sega Megadrive/Genesis page. Megadrive software and hardware projects will be placed there soon.
2007-06-19c0d3 br3ak3r released including source and walkthrough [exe quick link] [source quick link] [walkthrough quick link]
2007-03-28Clyde Demo released [exe quick link] [source quick link]
2007-03-27BladeLib App Launcher released as a temporary fix to the problem with chipped PSXs [quick link]
2007-03-27 Added Tools section
2007-02-22Blitz game re-released with source included [quick link]
2007-02-03Halogen demo re-released with source included [quick link]
2007-02-01 Site is getting a bit of a revamp for the upcoming source releases
2004-11-30Snow Wars game released [quick link]
2004-10-20Race game released [quick link]
2004-07-05Summer Ate My Demo demo released [quick link]
2004-05-10c0d3 br3ak3r game released [quick link]
2004-03-27Stress Transmission demo released [quick link]
2004-02-26Solar Strike trailer released [quick link]
2004-01-12Halogen demo released [quick link]
2004-01-01Blitz game released [quick link]

BladeLib Libraries
Since Blade doesn't seem to have an official page any more and someone requested it, I have put version 1.2
of Bladelib here, both binary and source packages. I don't claim any ownership or take any responsibility
for the contents, I'm just being helpful :)
Download Exes Download Source
Candu's compile
Replaces the Bladelibs compile tool to also fix the exes you build (for running on real PSXs).
Drop into your Bladelib/bin directory and use in place.
Utility to convert VAG files to WAVs. Supports mono VAG (*.VAG), stereo VAG (*.SVG) and multiple stereo
VAG (*.IMS/*.IMV) files. Can be used to convert the separate channels in Guitar Hero (PS2) into MP3s so
that people learning guitar can play along without the game. Source included, tested on VC6/cygwin/x86linux.
Candu's BladeLib Launcher
Having just bought a chipped PSX I discovered that no BladeLib code works if you don't use a bootdisk.
This program can be used to launch BladeLib written code until I work out what is missing and fix the libs.
No source for this as it's a hacked exe I don't have the source to.
Download EXE

Snow Wars
Just some light fun to keep you occupied during
the holiday season. Graphics and code by
me as usual, music borrowed from somewhere.
Download EXE
My version of the VIC20 game by the same name.
A simple game, but quite addictive.
Music borrowed from various places.
Download EXE
c0d3 br3ak3r
Break the codes - be the best!
Four codes, each harder than the last.
Get cracking then!!
Download EXE Download Source Walkthrough
My very first PSX work, was really written just to see if
I could write an app and make it run on a real PSX.
Doesnt even have sound!
Still a reasonable version of the C64 classic in my opinion.
Download EXE   Download Source

Clyde Demo
Some old code I found lying around, gave it
a bit of tweaking and here it is.
Download EXE   Download Source
Summer Ate My Demo
Standard wavey text demo, with my own flavour.
Its too nice out to spend too long coding, so
this is a short demo.
Download EXE
Stress Transmission
Uses a nice GUI look to show some artwork (not very good Im afraid).
Has a banging tune called "Hostile", from an unknown author.
Download EXE
Solar Strike trailer
Trailer to the game I want to make.
Transparency on gradient polygons over some nice parallax scrolling.
Really needs to be seen on a nice big TV.
Download EXE
My first PSX demo.
Just trying out some polygons and texture mappings.
All graphics by me, music borrowed from somewhere.
Download EXE   Download Source
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